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Here you can find new and used radio broadcast and tv broadcast equipment dealer that achieves 100% customer satisfaction. We WELCOME YOU. This company has become a leader in the global markets it serves, providing products, systems and services to customers. We are providing quality products and service to the radio and tv broadcast industry all over the world .

wide variety of high quality, practical audio and video service and stations for the professional broadcaster.

Rentals remote production for digital audio with wireless microphone and digital video for audio dealer. With digital TV or BVW some uses also DVW DSR A500 UVW vx100 PVW. With video editing we have wireless mic rentals or tape deck and news, STL, HDC27, video and used equipment audio, pd6, intermod, wireless, ENG, sennheiser G2, microphone, mic, battery, lighting, varicam, intercom, IFB, transmitter, receiver, RF, DTV, FCC, FCC rules, communications, telecast fiber and rental.

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